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徐紅師生畫展 Christine Art Studio Exhibition

Christine Art Studio Exhibition
2016/11/05-10, 12:00-5:00pm
Ontario Chinese Artist Association
3838 Midland Ave., Unit 102, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M1V 5K5
T: 416-586-9837. Email: ocaa@ocaa.info, Website: www.ocaa.info
Grand Opening:2016/11/06,2:00pm

*** About me Christine Xu. 徐红 2016

My name is Christine Xu. I’m a professional artist, craftsman, calligrapher, seal engraver and eggshell painter. I can paint in many mediums such as rice paper, silk, eggshells. My artworks depict the beauty of flowers, landscapes, figures, children and animals. I graduated from Beijing Arts Academy. My artworks have been exhibited in China and abroad, and won many prizes. I am currently a member of the Ontario Chinese Artists Association.

In Sep 1992, I had the honor to go to Brisbane, Australia to attend in the 1992 China Arts Festival by the Chinese Government. I gave live performances of eggshell painting which was very much appreciated and acknowledged by the local viewers. I produced around one hundred eggshell paintings and all sold out under one week.

I also had the pleasure of taking part in the Canadian National Exhibition in the Summer of 2005. Many works of mine were collected then including multiple silk paintings and Chinese watercolours. At the CNE, I was also commissioned to do various designs and logos for several different clients as well.

I have also been an art teacher for 25 years and counting with experience teaching in the International School of Beijing. I have helped many students prepare portfolios to guarantee their acceptances into art universities including many Ivy Leagues.

Throughout the years my works have been collected by members of The World Bank, The United Nations, The International Monetary Fund, the Embassies of USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Chile, Brazil, Australia, Philippines, etc.

This current exhibition features works from both me and some of my best students.

Thank you for attending and I hope you enjoy!

本地女畫家徐紅, 畢業於北京畫院研修班。早年師從著名人物畫家任率英。擅長人物畫、風景畫、花鳥畫、蛋殼畫和篆刻。現為加拿大安省中國美術會會員。

徐紅將於2016年11月5日 (星期六) 至 10日(星期四) , 每天中午12時到下午5時, 在加拿大安省中國美術會協辧下,舉行「徐紅師生畫展」。地點 : 3838 Midland Ave., Unit 102, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M1V 5K5。聯絡:416-586-9837, ocaa@ocaa.info,。開幕剪綵: 11月6日(星期日) 下午2時。

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