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慶祝談錫永82度華誕∣五友畫展 The Five Elders

參展: 談錫永 馬鵬 麥正 陳秋言 盧永照

由安省中國美術會邀請,「慶祝談錫永82度華誕∣五友畫展」將於2016年 5月21日(星期六)到26日(星期四),每天中午12:00到下午5:00,在安省中國美術會展覧廳舉行,展出5位名家國畫作品,歡迎市民參觀。開幕剪綵:5月21日(星期六)下午2:00。 地點:3838 Midland Ave. #102, Toronto, Ont. Canada M1V 5K5 (即士嘉堡Steeles Ave. 以南)。聯係:416-586-9837:ocaa@ocaa.info。





The Five Elders Exhibition. May 21-26, 2016.

To celebrate Master Tam’s 82nd birthday, Ontario Chinese Artists Association (OCAA) will be hosting The Five Elders Exhibition May 21-26, 2016, 12 noon to 5pm, showcasing Master Tam’s paintings along with works of four other artists. All are welcome.
The opening ceremony: May 21 (Saturday) at 2pm.
Location: 3838 Midland Ave. #102, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. M1V 5K5 (Intersection: Steeles and Midland).
Contact: 416-586-9837 or ocaa@ocaa.info
Born in Guangzhou, China, Buddhist Master Tam Shek-Wing apprenticed under Chinese Masters Zhang Chunchu and Zhao Chongzheng, making Tam a third generation master of Geshan style and Lingnan style of Chinese painting. Tam’s work melds the old and the new. Critically acclaimed, his paintings are recognized as “Lingnan’s Literati paintings.” Tam is the honorary executive governor of OCAA. To celebrate his 82nd birthday, OCAA invites Tam for this exhibition. We will feature his painting from 60 years ago, where we get a glimpse of the sparkling talent then. (See also the attached jpg.)
We have invited four of Tam’s artist friends to join in the celebration. They are Ma Peng, Mak Ching, Chan Chiu-Yin and Lo Wing-Chiu. In their 70s and 80s, the “Five Elders” make a trailblazing group of artists who persist in their Chinese painting tradition.
Ma is a known painter from Zhejiang, China. Mak is a senior artist from Hong Kong. Known for his green thumb, his painting has a unique esthetic. Chan is fluent in many traditions, Song regal style and expressive alike. Lo’s style is one of its kind. He is particular fond of the “splash-ink” style of landscape in recent years, garnering accolades employing the same technique for faunas.
To see more of Tam’s work, see www.tamshekwing.com.

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