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国际儿童绘画比赛 2015 Annual International Children’s Art Contest

主办: 加拿大安省中国美术会
宗旨: 启迪孩子们美的心灵、培养创新及鉴赏能力。提供交流及展示的机会。
报名时间: 2015年1月2日 至2015年3月27 日, 每天下午12点至5点(邮寄作品以邮戳为准)。
表格下载: www.ocaa.info
送件或邮寄地点:安省中国美术会 3838 Midland Ave., unit 102, Toronto ON, Canada M1V 5K5
展览时间: 2015年4月18日 至 23日, 中午12时至下午5时。
颁奖时间: 2015年4月18 日 下午2时正。
展览及颁奖地点: 加拿大安省中国美术会
3838 Midland Ave. unit 102, Toronto ON, Canada M1V 5K5
2.年龄组别: A组:6岁及以下; B组:7-9岁; C组:10-13岁; D组:14-16岁。
3.作品只限绘画, 但材料不限。
8.作品规格:9”X 12” (23X30cm) ;14”X 17”(35.5X43.2cm) ;国画4尺开三 (45.3x68cm) 。
10. 参赛费:
11.付款方式:现金 、支票、 汇票。 (支票及汇票台头为:Ontario Chinese Artists Association)

查询:(416)586-9837 ocaa@ocaa.info www.ocaa.info

Entry Form/參賽表格 2015


2015 Annual International Children’s Art Contest

Hosted by Ontario Chinese Artists Association

Organizer: Ontario Chinese Artists Association

Objectives: To encourage & to evoke creativity and imagination

To create & provide the opportunity of communication, view and emulate, mutual-learning and display.

Theme: Any topics are encouraged and will be accepted

Registration time: 12:00-5:00pm, January 02 to March 27 (mailing entries postmarked on/by)

Registration form download: www.ocaa.info

Mailing address: 3838 Midland Ave. unit 102, Toronto, ON, Canada M1V 5K5

Exhibition duration: April 18 to 23, 2015, 12:00-5:00pm

Award ceremony: April 18, 2015, 2:00pm  

Site: 3838 Midland Ave. unit 102, Toronto, ON, Canada M1V 5K5

Official rules and regulations: Contestants are limited to children 16 years of age and younger

Four age-categories for submission and judging: 6 and younger, 7-9, 10-12 and 13-16

Medium: paintings and drawings, no limit on materials

To enter the contest, contestants warrant and represent that the artwork is their own original work product and release. One submission per contestant (contestant’s name must appear on the back of the artwork).

Gold, Silver, Bronze , Excellence and Selected Awards will be given. When registering, submit registration form with entry fee (if needed *). All the original artwork submitted with contest entry will not be mailed back.

OCAA has the right to the publication of the artwork submitted with contest.

Size: 9”X 12”(23X30cm) and 14”X 17” (35.5X43.2cm),  traditional Chinese painting (45.3x68cm)

Evaluation criteria: originality, theme presentation and artistic skills

Entry Fee *:

(a)  Inside Province of Ontario– 10 dollars (CAD) per person. Each gold, silver and bronze winner will be awarded one medal and one certification. Excellence and Selected award winners will be presented certifications.

(b) Outside Province of Ontario– free entry fee.  Each gold, silver, bronze winner will be mailed back one certification. All contestant groups will be mailed back winner certifications and participation certifications.

Payment: Cash, check or money order are payable to Ontario Chinese Artists Association”

Contact: Tel: 416-586-9837 ;     E-mail: ocaa@ocaa.info  ;       www.ocaa.info

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