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Request for Artwork from Members 徵稿

New Art Book

Dear members,

To celebrate OCAA’s 40th anniversary, we are going to publish a new art book which is based on the “35th OCAA Anniversary Art Book”.  We welcome all our members to submit images of their artworks by the end of April. After editing, the book will be released in September of this year.

Please contact us through email ocaa@ocaa.info or call Mr. Chan at 416-586-9837 for further details.

Jordan Wu,

OCAA President

February 1, 2019




此畫册以「創會-35 周年紀念畫册」為藍本。請會員將作品拍攝及修訂後,製成光碟交至本會,或電郵至本會郵箱 ocaa@ocaa.info。將於2019 4 30 日截稿,經編審後,預計 9 月出版。


安省中國美術會  會長伍川宇啓

2019 2   1

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