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王铮 Sara Wang





Sara, Master of arts, member of Ontario Chinese Artists Association. This is the second personal exhibition in Toronto after she immigrated to Canada.

When Wang Zheng was studying in China,Mr. Jiangfeng Chen, a famous professor is her teacher. She visited lots of the museums, lots of pictures and text materials were collected. She loves Chinese studies very much, learns from the traditional culture and art to her paintings.

Sara aspired to be an excellent art teacher when She was very young. She has been working as an art teacher in spare time since university. It’s been almost 20 years. After she arrived in Toronto, Sara set up an art studio. Over the past seven years, she has trained many students to enter professional art schools. And what makes her more proud  is many parents reported that after the children took her class, they have developed a strong interest in painting. They will draw pictures consciously when they went home. Some students will also show her the independent creation at home and ask her to comment on it,She said that time is her happiest time. “Because art  infect the soul, let the children fall in love with art, the significance is extremely important.“

(Oct. 2018)


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