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烈治文山書畫小品展開幕 | The Boynton House Art Show Opening


烈治文山市波頓小屋Boynton House是一個特殊的藝術展覽空間。 它是安大略省遺產法案下的一個歷史遺跡,可追溯到1875年左右,原是一所安大略省的經典農舍。這次安省中國美術會是應烈治文山市議員廖立暉之邀,在該市首次展出,讓中華藝粹走入加國各社區。

IMG_3927這次展品接近50幅。都是畫人們的生活小品,舒情之作。包括中國書法、工筆畫、寫意彩墨畫、水彩畫、油畫及鋼筆素描等等。參與會員名家共42人,包括該會永遠會監談錫永、永遠會督勞允澍,及名單如下(按姓氏拼音為序): 徐啓明、陳楚鴻、陳寶文、陳愛儀、許錦屏、何銘深、黄昆明、黄金漢、葉雅鈿、郭葆樺鄺雷翠玲、高志剛、林睿智、李明梁燕萍、梁燕玉、梁鈞樂呂祐章、羅錦濤羅滿廖淑先、麥正馬鵬、歐陽耀東、潘高朋、丘玉琰、榮京春、施漢林、冼綺文、蘇楚楚、黄鉗灼、伍川宇薛士圻、徐紅、邢雲鶴、夏榮生、於潁志、余爕勳、趙健俊、周世旭。

另外助慶展出的有年僅七歲的葉栢希 ,他頗大的一幅寫意花卉國畫,贏到近百中外來賓的讚賞,寓意着墨韻傳承。

當日由劉響司儀,到場致詞及剪綵的嘉賓有: (如上圖左起)烈治文山市議員廖立暉David West該會會長伍川宇、中國著名畫家薛士圻永遠會監談錫永、國會議員Leona Alleslev永遠榮譽會長簡家驎、及永遠名譽會長馬鵬。

另外國會議員Majid Jowhari由助手親送賀函。

讀者可到安省中國美術會的網頁重温,網址: www.ocaa.info

IMG_0718Invited by Richmond Hill councillor, Castro Liu for an exhibition, The Boynton House Lyrical Art Show opened on a rainy fall day on Oct. 28. A heritage site in Richmond Hill, the Boynton House is a farmhouse with Gothic features dating back to 1875. The members of OCAA contributed more than 40 pieces of paintings and calligraphy, fitting the theme of “xiaopin,” or typically smaller pieces of flora and fauna, and sometimes whimsical portraits. One piece features a comical scene of children playing, another is an ink sketch of a girl, wearing a pouty expression.

The highlight of the show was a piece of orchid by a seven-year-old, a boy whom Tam Shek-Wing, one of the OCAA painters, is mentoring. “As you can see, the painting is quite extraordinary. It is not the Chinese technique that matters. It is the state of mind. As you can see what a seven-year-old can do, expressing one’s mind on paper is not a difficult thing,” said Tam.

Guests who made it to the ribbon cutting ceremony includes Aurora MP Leona Alleslev, Richmond councillors Castro Liu and David West. Inspired by the site, the MP invited OCAA to the Aurora Cultural Centre, which is also the host to the Aurora Museum and Archives. Councillor West, a photographer himself, made a note that the arts is the common ground that promotes intercultural exchange and OCAA’s work can fit well with the current Richmond Hill’s cultural plan to improve community engagement.

OCAA thanks Councillor Castro Liu and the Town of Richmond Hill for a successful exhibition.


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