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安省書畫耆老作品展覽 | Ontario Senior Artists Art Show, Aug. 5-11, 2017

安省中國美術會將於8月5日至11日在萬錦市政廳大堂舉行「安省書畫耆老作品展覽」,是次展覽是本會應萬錦市議員何胡景先生之邀請, 首次在萬錦市政廳舉行,參展作品來自美術會的會員耆老書畫家,包括 談錫永、勞允澍、劉淑芳、伍川宇、陳秋言、陳楚雄、陳德容、張菡青、張國柱、郭鏞渠、邢雲鶴、羅卿意、李劍夫、盧永照、馬鵬、麥正、苗梅雅、蘇楚楚、譚龍騰、譚超常、牛丁、黃紹明、黃錫藻、王鷹、薛士圻、張幗珍。

安省美術會每年都定期舉辦不同主題的展覽,今次在萬錦市政廳舉行的「安省書畫耆老作品展覽」,乃是對會內資深的耆老書畫家一個 致敬。 這些耆老書畫家, 從事書畫創作數十年,享有一定的造詣和知名度。 除熱衷書畫創作外, 他們亦致力推廣書畫藝術給西方社會和年輕一代。 透過各類展覽、 講座、教授課程等活動, 將中國書畫篆刻等傳統中國文化技藝, , 展現給不同文化背景人士,推動中西文化交流 ,並希望將之傳承給年青一輩,達致薪火相傳 ,令中國傳統文化藝術於西方社會中繼續延伸發展,不會隨時間流失。

今次書畫展將於8月5日(星期六)下午2時在萬錦市政廳議事堂(Council Chamber) 舉行開幕禮, 屆時萬錦區聯邦國會議員伍鳳儀、省議員陳國治、市議員何胡景、趙善江、楊綺清及萬錦市Varley Art Gallery的代表均會出席剪綵誌慶, 歡迎各界人士蒞臨參觀 , 詳情可致電本會416-586-9837或電郵ocaa@ocaa.info查詢,網址: www.ocaa.info。

Ontario Chinese Artists Association (OCAA) presents “Ontario Senior Artists Art Show.” The joint exhibition will take place Aug. 5-11 at the Great Hall of Markham Civic Centre (101 Town Centre Blvd., Hwy 7 and Warden). Invited by Markham City Councillor Alan Ho, this is the first time an OCAA show takes place at this venue. Our exhibiting artists include Master Tam Shek-Wing, Jeffrey Lo, Shook-Fong Lau, Jordan Wu, Hera Cheng, Ching Mak, Chiu-Yin Chan, Ying Wong and among others.

It is OCAA’s mission to present many themed exhibitions throughout the year. The current show is our homage to our senior artist members, who are not only passionate in the arts, they have also achieved mastery and acclaim.

Through exhibitions, workshops and seminars, we aim to present our members’ artwork to an audience from all walks of life. Part of OCAA’s goal is to arouse the interest of the younger generation in the minutiae of traditional Chinese arts and its potential to meld with other forms of visual arts, Western or Eastern, so that the Chinese tradition lives on in the creative arts.

Opening Ceremony will take place Aug. 5 at 2pm at the Council Chamber of Markham Civic Centre. Our guests include Markham City Councillors Alan Ho, Alex Chiu and Amanda Collucci. Markham MP Mary Ng, MPP Michael Chan and a representative from Varley Art Gallery will also be cutting ribbon. All are welcome. Contact 416-586-9837 for more information.


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