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陳寶文 (Chan Po Man)

香港浸會大學中文系( 主修中文,副修藝術系),香港教育大學畢業。移民加拿大先後取得安省Teaching English as a Second Language Art Gallery  of Ontario (AGO) OATGS 文憑。並跟從已故孔雀王伍彝生老師硏習孔雀畫法和相象派山水伍鐵生老師學習。曾舉辦個展。作品曾作義賣 ,為(頣康,孟嘗,紅十字會,心臟及中風基金,福慧)籌款,並作個人收藏。寶文現在多倫多教授兒童繪畫並為中國水墨畫自由創作畫家。

Chan Po Man graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University and Hong Kong Education University. After moving to Toronto , she has received the certificate OATGS from The Art Gallery of Ontario ( AGO ) and Teaching English as a Second Language at TCSB.

Po Man learned Chinese printing from the well known peacock artist , Mr Ng Yee Sang and the landscape artist Mr Dickson Wu. Po Man’s pictures are for private collection and has donated sale to Toronto Community such as Yee Hong , Mon Sheong, Red Cross, Heart and Stroke Foundation. In the present , Po Man is teaching art at private school and is a freelance artist.


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