About Ontario Chinese Artists Association (OCAA)

The Ontario Chinese Artists Association was established in 1979, in order to provide a platform for artists' communication and to promote local and international artistic events. In 1982, OCAA was registered non-profit organization. In 1996, with an Ontario Government grant of $250,000, OCAA purchased a property of 3,500 sq.ft. located at 150 Beverley Street, downtown, Toronto. Each year, OCAA organized more than 30 art exhibitions for the OCAA members, well-known Chinese artists visiting Canada from China and local artists. OCAA supports and provides space as an education and learning centre to the community.

Due to the gradual northward move of the Chinese population and economic reasons, OCAA moved out from Chinatown in 2008. In November, OCAA bought a new location at Midland Av. , Scarborough. There, OCAA continues it's job by means of exhibitions, seminars, classes, members' art shows, sales, gallery rental and other related activities. At the present, OCAA has over 300 members.